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While you are searching for a board game that can be played with your family member then apart from the likes of Alhambra, Atlantis, and Aladdin, etc, you can opt for the Tour of Europe. In the recent past, Tour of Europe has gained immense popularity all over the world. The main reason for this surge of interest seems to be thrill of adventure; the journey through the European countries makes the game more interesting than others. The ship tiles that include in this game are more interesting than the tokens used in other race games. Let us now take a look at the game.

All you need to do is to get ten linked cards in a row, and create an incessant tour of Europe. Each country has its own card, ships and planes that makes the game very much enjoyable. To start the game the ten cards are clutched to a plastic structure in tour order for each player along with ten face-down cards. You are able to place the cards to the opponents form only once, and after that you are unable to move the cards. After the game starts the players are allowed to select five cards that are faced up or they can also draw blind from the deck. While doing this one card of your own deck can be replaced with a new card. Hope you are enjoying the method, and seems to be very familiar. Basically, this game is a modern version of Rack-o that has been created with improved and pleasurable structure. The introduction of the airplanes and ships has added some more fun to the game.

You are able to see the map of Europe along with other countries that appears in five colors, on the board. The shipping line of some countries has been extended from their borders and the same has been linked up with other particular countries. Players are able to find a tour that has been connected to move from one country to another, and for that they need to take a ship or airplane. The moving procedure requires total three cards that include a leaving country card, ship or airplane card, and an arriving card. Although the game includes ship and airplane cards but, they are unable to start or finish the tour. These cards are kept to provide flexibility and suppleness to the game.

During game play, you are able to stack the five cards that are available for the players’ choosing. The card that has been drawn from the deck and returned to the table is meant to cover an existing card. The most important matter in this game is to stay flexible instead of waiting for the particular country that is capable of connecting each of their form ends. Forming a plan for the middle part of your tour first seems to be wise, and after that keep moving towards the ends, and try to avoid linking the middle portion. Both sides of the board are printed, and in one part the country names appear in German whereas on the other side the country names appear in their own language.
May 27, 2008, 12:14 pm

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