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Entertainment has been one of the basic necessities of people throughout the ages. Since the dawn of civilization, there have been different games that are played; although they might share different cultural origins. There have been indoor and outdoor games but whatever their type may be; they have the greatest source of enjoyment for people of all ages. Board games fall into a unique category of games, these can be played for the sake of fun, but you might also want to play them to hone your mental skills. Different types of board games; whether traditional or modern, are enjoyed by both the young and the old. Among modern board games, “(This Game Is) Bonkers!” is one of the most popular types.

The game play of this game is quite attractive. Each of the players is dealt four track cards and has to place their pawns on the scoring space marked “start”. The players have to roll the dice and to move the corresponding numbers thereby. Generally, the cards are numbered from one to twelve and at the same time give instructions for the players to move ‘ahead’, ‘back’ or ‘roll again’. When one is playing the game, moves should be carefully made so that the opponents do not take advantage. If the game rules are understood properly, scores can be hit to the maximum. For the players, the basic objective of the game is to achieve entrapment. The first player who is able to score twelve first, wins the game. For winning the game the players have to be alert and swift in order to reach these points first. This can be done through a calculative strategy, or in other words, not allowing your opponents to reach the points quickly. Although luck is an important element of the game, positioning your numbers requires skill.

The thrill and excitement of the game is a huge element, as it is a race style board game involving speed. This game was primarily manufactured by Parker Brothers and later by Milton Bradley. Basic objective of this game to achieve twelve points by dint of reaching the scoring stations. Players have to follow instructions of the cards at the empty places. The game set of this board game is quite interesting; here the game has a game board to play. Then there are four pawns, a stack or cardboard track cards, for large “go to lose” cards, a score card with plastic page markers and in addition to this two dice. So far the structure of the board is concerned; there are 55 spaces looping track. In addition to this, there are three “score” stations. One of these scoring stations is located at the starting point. The original bankers were produced in the late 1970s by Milton Bradley. The game was revived one more time in the early 1990s and this time the game was arranged in a disco style text and motif. Also the logo was made of modeling clay as an added attraction to this game.
May 13, 2008, 7:21 pm

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