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Mississippi Queen; strategies

The Mississippi Queen is a unique type of board game that is adventurous and fun-filled. In this board game players are supposed to race the paddleboats downstream Mississippi river. They have to compete with each other and along with that, they have to pick up passengers on the way. The toughest part of the game is such that the coal supplies onboard are limited and there are no further options for refilling the fuel on the way. Therefore, you have to plan the game well and make sure that the fuel does not finish off before you reach your destination. Nevertheless, there are also problems of damages to your vessel in which you are travelling. The travelers and the players must therefore regulate the ship’s maneuvers, acceleration and deceleration properly so that you are not in the middle of trouble half way through the game.

The most important part of the game is that the turns and twists of the river are not known before hand therefore you must be double careful about the probable dangers and faults on the way. Many of the players who show interest in playing the game are adventure-loving people and want to try some type of excitement while indulging in the game. The suddenness and the uncertainty of the game is what attract many people in love with adventure sports. As the ship progresses downwards the twists and the turns of the possible dangers are revealed to the players. This makes it difficult for the players to make prior arrangements for the difficulties that are awaiting them on the way to the destination of the game.

There are also some expansions that are derived from the game like the Black Rose board game. In this game, there are many new introductions of the river sections. There are added three river sections as the different terrain features as floating logs, sand bars and coal refueling stations. The sand bars and the floating logs terrain features are the newest introductions of hazards and slows down the paddle boats that enters the hexes or re intentionally pushed to those hexes. The coal refueling stations are the stations where the players can reload the fuels if the first lots they are carrying are finished on the way. Here they could refill their coal supply and plan their journey likewise. They have top measure the exact quantity of the coal required by the ship to carry on the leftover of the journey.

The new game has an added feature that allowing six players to play at one time with the six paddleboats in the game. The sixth one newly introduced in the recent version. A second red paddleboat that is generally used fro the two player games and the player paddling at the end positions uses the black paddle wheeler that is specially used for the Black Rose game. The advantage of this extended game is that it does not require coal refilling and are therefore, there are no requirements of coal refueling stations on the way. However, you have to keep in mind that the boat is capable of hampering opponent’s boat on the way, so you must use to your maximum advantage.
May 27, 2008, 12:46 pm

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