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Want to go through a test to check whether you are sharp enough or not? Then you must bring home the Brain Chain game, which is a game based on skill and tactics. The creators of this game are two attorneys of Los Angeles Alicia Vaz and Scot Blackburn, and a math and history teacher of Loma Linda Academy, Kris Harter. The graphics on the game board and box are designed by Roy Ice. In recent times the owner and the distributor of this game is Brain Chain Games Inc, and the editor of all the versions is Brigit Warner.

This skill-based trivia board game can be played by two to three players or teams. The purpose of the game is that the first player or team needs to tie a steady line up of six links that may be diagonal, vertical or horizontal. It is considered to be one of the top 100 games by Games Magazines. Let us know more about this mind game. Before you start playing, you have to be of the same side on the number of links that are essential to assure a win. If the row includes four links then it takes half an hour to finish the game. When it is a five linked goal then it will take an hour, and in case six linked then the time moves to ninety minutes.

You are able to take a turn once you move a card, and your turn also depends on the number of Brain Pills you want to move. Along with that you also need to move the playing pawn along with the equivalent number of spaces, clockwise. It is necessary to move the yellow playing pawn by all the players. You need to take a trivia category from the same horizontal line up if the pawn is unable to land on any single corner squares. You can also pick from the vertical column if the pawn is not captured by a link.

Once you pick a pawn, a trivia question from the selected group will be asked by the contradictory team. Before answering it is better to have a discussion with your team members, and if it is your turn then you need to give the answer. Once you are able to give the correct answer then you get a chance to place a link on the elected square, and take a Brain Pill. The player follows the instructions of that strategic corner space among four where the pawn is moved. At this time he/she does not pick any pawn indicated row or column.

You are able to select any square on the board for answering a question, and add a link or you may remove, or move a link. The main criterion of winning a Brain Chain game is to create an uninterrupted line of six links. The links might be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal in the category network. The betting system of the game requires that you cannot lose another game if you are playing one game.
May 13, 2008, 7:23 pm

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