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Peter Rabbit’s Race Game

Like many other European race games, Peter Rabbit’s Race Game is a fast paced entertainer for the whole family. First published by Fredrick Warne, this game can be played by two to four players. A hilarious game for children, which includes characters from the original edition of Peter Rabbit, players become one of the four animal characters who have to race with each other to move around the board fastest. The game play is very simple, players use die to determine their order and number of places they can move on the board.

The board is designed to appear as a children’s story book, with beautiful drawn pictures of birds, and other animals. The illustrations are from the Beatrix Potter series, so children may be able to identify these pictures. The board includes these different animal zones, around which the serpentine pathway moves, around which the players have to get their character across. Unlike a ludo board, which has straight pathways, Peter Rabbits’ Race Game board features twists and turns, inevitably adding more humor and excitement to the chase. The board also has certain actions and commands for which the characters must perform in order to move ahead in the game. These actions are sometimes hilarious; quite enjoyable for other players indeed.

Game play proceeds beginning from the player who rolls the maximum number, then the player on the left begins. The die dictates the moves of the players’ characters, as they hop skip and jump through the linear track and it subsequent windings throughout the board. These windings are all over the board, and this is where players might get stuck over penalties, as they might over the straight portions of the path. Various bonuses as well as penalties are strewn all over the board and players facing these might have to follow the instructions, such as a penalty directing a character through an alternative, longer route. The players having to face penalties lose precious time, while the other players move ahead. Although there is no tactical strategy required in this game, upon playing this game the second time, players might be aware of the penalties and bonus areas on the board, and therefore try to score accordingly, however, they might have to use a biased die to win all the bonuses!

This game is a lively family entertainer, and is especially a big hit with young children, who have started reading books, and playing games, and are at a receptive stage where they are able to identify previously seen characters. Race games are always enjoyable if played by many together, because all the chaos and confusion of having the four characters on the board brings an added element of excitement to the game. Although not played so much these days, Peter Rabbit’s Race Game is a delightful board game that can be taught to children, and be their first board game. Adults who have played this as kids will love to play it with their children once again, as they relive those humorous and frantic ‘rabbit race moves’.
May 27, 2008, 12:22 pm

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