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Among the different kinds of board games, which are available in the market, mosaic board games are very popular among the people throughout the world. This is an abstract strategy game, which can easily capture you with its unique game play. In this board game, you can easily discard, move, and place your opponents’ pieces. In order to balance that you can also score points for your opponents, so try to be careful about that.

The Mosaic board game is a very interactive game as in this game you can always affect each other’s score and placement. Try to be prepared for 40 minutes of close quarter’s battle because you have to maneuver your opponents for the points. This game can be played by only two players, and not more than that

There are different kinds of strategic board games, but it is the most interesting of all. In this game can blindly draw a stone from the pouch, and you can place it on the board regardless of whether the stone is yours or your opponents. In this way the players can take their own turn in drawing and laying the stones on the board. In this way, the players can score when four of their stones make a square regardless of who is laying the stone.

Beside the stones of the players, there are four special stones in the pouch. The red stone means that you have miss your turn. The black stone means that you have two turns. The green stone is the indication that you can slide any stone diagonally into an empty slot. The white stone indicates that you can take any stone off the board, and you can replace it in the pouch. When any of the special stones is drawn by you, it means that you have completed the action, and after that turn them into the pouch. The players can score points whenever their stones form squares. The play ends when all the stones of the player are used and only the four special stones are left in the pouch.

Like all other board games, this board game relies on some simple rules in order to create its challenge. Like the other games, this game is very appropriate for the young players, but it scales nicely to the elder players also. This game can be played those people who like to play strategic games. In this game, you have to adhere to the strategies strictly.

This game gives us pure fun for 40 minutes. In these 40 minutes, you will feel that you are in a real strategy. But while commencing to play this game you have to keep in your mind about different rules. The game develops a strategic bent of mind, as there are different strategies that you have to keep in mind while playing this game. So, don’t waste time, and buy this game as soon as possible, as it will really make you feel interesting and exiting.
May 19, 2008, 7:51 pm

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