The variety of board games available
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The variety of board games available

Today there are hundreds of varieties of board games available. From the ever famous Monopoly game where you buy and sell property to the game of Life where you win by earning the maximum sum of money, all board games are very intriguing. Today people are spoilt for choice as to which board game should they go for. The other very famous board games are Hi-Ho Cheerio and Chutes and Ladders where everyone loved the ladders and hated the chutes.

Even though board games have been facing some tough competition from new media entertainment such as sing star and online poker lately, old board games are slowly starting to enjoy a revival. Every day old players are returning to the classic board games and introducing new players at the same time.

The different board games are great for relaxation, recreation, learning the good things in life (like the sporting spirit) as well as having a lot of fun. There is a vast variety of board games that are specially created for children. These board games contribute significantly towards the normal development of the child. There are some high level board games as well such as Clue. There are many board games that include children’s favorite characters. Some of these games are Sponge Bob Monopoly, Candy Land and Care Bears Checkers.

Candy Land is the favorite game of many children. The game is very colorful and at the same time it is very simple to play. The other board games include the Memory Card Game, Ludo, Disney Princesses and Chinese Checkers. Checkers is a very popular game and it is one of the easiest games to play. Trouble and Sorry is also a great games for children. They are very easy to play. Then there is the Operation game where children can operate using the fake tools provided with the game.

Hence we see that there are so many different types of board games for children and adults of all age levels. Playing a board game teaches so many things to people. Instead of watching TV or whiling away your time chatting on the phone, you and your family members can indulge in playing board games so that the bond between the members is maintained.

There are excellent board games when it comes to adults as well. Take the example of chess. You can spend hours devising new moves and strategies to out power your opponent. Chess requires a combination of great skill, mind power, patience and practice. Then there is Scrabble where you have to be a master of your English vocabulary to score extra points over your opponent. However vocabulary is not the only thing that is important. You have to devise strategies to form those words that can get you maximum points.

There are so many choices in board games. You can indeed have a great choice within the confines of your room. You can also share different games with your friends and relatives so that you can see which board games you like. You also don’t feel bored playing the same board games. There are many stores that can give you board games to rent. Hence you can simply rent the game for a few days and then return it when you are bored with it.
March 11, 2008, 1:58 pm

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