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The card game of Grass was first marketed by Euro Games and Ventura International in the year 1979. This card game is similar to Mille Bournes, with only the difference being the theme. Grass game has a theme of cannabis dealing, while Mille Bournes deals with car racing. This game was marketed for adults above the age of eighteen, and took an amusing approach to the erstwhile widespread phenomenon of grass peddling. The game enjoyed a sort of cult following during its prime years and could be played by 2-6 players. However the game since declined in its popularity as the issue of peddling became a serious concern, which could not be dealt with in a light manner. In terms of enjoyment, it ranks almost equally to Mille Bourne.

The different types of cards Grass features include ‘peddle cards’, which are used to indicate the sale value of cannabis, ‘heat on’ cards representing police activity that prevent a player from obtaining cannabis, and ‘heat off’ cards to represent the decline in police activity. There are no safety cards in this game, unlike in Mille Bournes, with the ‘green light’ and ‘red light’ cards being replaced with ‘market open’ and ‘market closed’ cards. Players do not have to play the ‘market open’ card after a ‘heat off’ card has been passed, unlike the green light and red light cards in Mille Bournes. Apart from these standard Mille Bournes type of cards, Grass features new cards such as the Skin, Protection, Pay Fine, Nirvana, and Paranoia cards.

The object of the game is to peddle the highest amount of grass; the winner is the player who obtains $250,000 from the ‘drug deal’ card values gathered through the game. While playing the game, skim cards allow players to steal other players’ peddle cards that are kept on the table. ‘Steal your neighbor’s pot’ is the card that allows a player to acquire any peddle card from other players, the ‘Banker’ is the card that allows you to steal a percentage of other player’s peddle cards at the end. Protection cards allow players to protect their peddle cards on the table from other players, the three types of such cards include Grab a snack, Catch a Buzz, and Lust conquers all. The highest ranking peddle card, Dr Feelgood, however, cannot be protected by any card. The Pay Fine cards need the player to sacrifice their cards on the table so that they can play such cards. Nirvana cards offer bonuses to players, of two different types, Stonehigh and Euphoria. These cards are quite handy as they allow a player an extra turn and cancel the effects of the ‘heat on’ cards. Apart from these benefits, the player holding such cards gives them right to receive one peddle card each from the rest of the players. Paranoia cards award penalties to players who play these cards; if these remain after a hand a penalty score is calculated. The different cards add to the element of luck, which along with strategic thought make up the game play of Grass.
May 13, 2008, 7:06 pm

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