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Break the Safe board game

Among the widest ranges of games popularly played all over the earth, there are board games, highly liked and played. So far the birth of the board games is concerned; they are sufficiently traditional as well as modern in sense of the newly arriving games every now and then. The game was similarly popular in ancient times too; in the primeval ages too, board games were equally famous. Civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Asia and many more parts of the world have traditions of board games. With the passing times, the nature of these board games has undergone a huge transformation and it is seen most of times these days that the modern board games hardly match with the type of the previous board games.

Break the safe is board game that is immensely played and liked in various parts of the world. It is basically a cooperative board game played by two to four players at a time. Children above the age of eight can understand this game well. The game is so entertaining and enjoyable that it only winds up within thirty minutes. Dice rolling and mental strategy are the basic rule of this board game. Here in this game each of the players has to choose one agent and to place those agents in central room. Next, the players have to shuffle all the secret tiles and booby traps and have to turn them face down. Next, they have to select the each room outlined in red. Twelve to thirteen cards are equally distributed among the players. The remaining card is meant for the player who retains a slow start.

While playing this particular break the safe board game, there are two major enemies on part of the players. They are the dog and the guard. If a player somehow badges on twelve sided die, the guard tends to wake up from its “Guard Awake” space moves in the direction of the arrow located outside the desk of that player. Again, in case of the rolling of the dog’s collar, the dog moves to the direction of the arrow saying “dog”. To protect your space, the dog and the guard must have to run first before the agents and fail to see or smell inside rooms.

Tools are also important in this game in order to make this game an entertaining and a challenging one. In this game, there are basically 8 rooms outlined in red. Each of the room contains a booby trap and the players have to use these tool cards to disarm the booby trap and reveal the secret tile hidden below it. Some of the popular tools used in this game are poison gas, killer bees, heat sensor, glass box and others. However, there is one limitation of this board game. Each of these tools can used only once in the game. Apart from the major contribution of these tools, secret tiles and jails are also important. In short, a player who understands the logic of this board game well can also wins this and at the same time can enjoy it to the fullest.
May 19, 2008, 7:55 pm

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