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Games have occupied a central position in our lives, since time immemorial. There are different modes of recreation; games have always been played different parts of the earth. So far these entertainment modes are concerned; games are one main forms of enjoyment irrespective of place and time. Our ancestors living in caves might have played with stones and sticks, but we play with computer buttons and ‘joysticks’ today. Traditional games are still played with enthusiasm, but there are newer games that have gained a center stage position in contemporary times. Atlantis is one such new game that has become extremely popular among a large number of people all over the world.

Atlantis is produced by Imagic in the year 1982 for Atari 2600 video game console. Gradually by 9183 this game came to be played on the computers in 1983. Atlantis is one of those earliest forms of video games that have continued to sustain an unrelenting popularity since its birth. This is basically a shooting game that became extremely popular during early 1980s. Here in this game the players had to control the movements of the last defenses against the Gorgon invaders. The game makes provision for seven bases that are considered to be attack prone. Three of these bases have facilities that are vulnerable to kill the invaders of Gorgon.

This act of dropping bombs has to be done before the attack made by the gorgons over the settlements of the players. In addition to this the gun bases have fixed cannons that also help in the firing. There is also a technique following which lost bases can be rescued; for this purpose, the ships of the gorgons have to blast. However, it is a long game and finishing the game might be a difficult task for players. The game comes to end completely only when all the bases are destroyed. However, attaining this is a difficult situation and in fact ending the game does not entirely depend on the player’s effort, but also luck. It is true that bombing enemy’s ships and bases can be interesting enough but it is really difficult job to perform.

This game has many different sister games that are quite similar as the main game. This is the reason why discussing this game would remain incomplete without discussion of the similar games that have been inspired by this main Atlantis game. For example, Atlantis of intellivision version is also quite famous and the objectives of the game are also similar like the Atlantis video game. Alike the video game version of Atlantis, this game also targets to destroy the gorgons. In this particular version, players have to take hold of two mirrors that act as the basic defense for the players. The prime objective of this goal is to protect the cities as long as the players can. Here also ending the game is tough and after the destruction of the final city when the small shuttle flies off, implies that the last Atlanteans escape.
May 13, 2008, 7:24 pm

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