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Games are always entertaining for people all over the world. It is in fact one prime shape of enjoyment and recreation for them ever since they have started living their lives. With the changing times, civilizations have developed in their own flows, and with them have changed the course of games on the whole. Games are different in their varieties. Starting from those outdoor games, indoor games have earned equivalent fame in all corners of the globe. Talking about one particular game, a special mention should be made about the board games. It is such a game that exists in most of the countries but their nature and structures vary strikingly. This simply means that board games are various and keeps on changing from one country to another. Among those larger verities of board games, there is senet.

The main feature of a board game is its board. Each of the board games has one particular board that plays to be the main medium of the game. Apart from this, there are dice and other parts that again keep on changing depending upon the board games of different countries. As mentioned earlier that board games were well developed in the ancient civilizations, primeval Egypt had also the game integral in its culture. Sometimes, this particular senet board game is to be referred as the oldest board game ever to found all over. The existence was also dominant in the 350 BC. The meaning of the game is “passing game”. The games were depicted with the stories of the dynasties of Egypt. Each of them used to contain interesting stories about those dynasties. Sometimes they used to base on the stories after the death of the pharaohs. This is the reason, why the game used to be quite adventurous.

As far as the game board is concerned, the board is a grid of thirty squares arranged into three rows of ten. Generally two players play the game and it started by a toss with the help of either knucklebones or throwsticks. There is lot of controversies regarding the game rules. Some of the historians and researchers are in the opinion that the game had several rules that kept on changing in course of time. However, confusion may be regarding the actual rules of Senet; they are highly adopted by the modern board games. Many of the countries of the world in fact were highly impressed by this particular game and later developed their own culture of the board games.

When we talk about the board games of ancient Egypt that also are similarly popular in the modern times, one particular thing must be mentioned; it is the magnificent work-outs made over the board games. In fact, each piece of these board games was a glaring instance of fine art. Most of the pictures help the historians to find relevant history from them. As far the nature of the games are concerned, they were little dramatic and extremely entertaining. Players can extract full entertainment from the game and at the same time it could be a better way to polish their intelligence.
May 27, 2008, 12:19 pm

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