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Games have been a major source of entertainment and recreation all over the world. There are millions of games all over the planet, some are international and some are completely local, known only to inhabitants of a small area. Especially board games, which can be enjoyed by a wide audience, have travelled across cultures and time. In this connection, board games have been inspired by different sports around the world and owe great variety in their nature to sports gaming rules. One of the board game that is highly influenced by the sport rugby is Crash Tackle. It is a trade mark game of rugby union. People who enjoy to play this game often says that it feels completely like playing rugby while playing this board game; this is to mean that the excitement and thrill of the board game of rugby is not less than original rugby played outside.

Crash Tackle is a board game that is mainly based on strategy. There are two coaches for each of the teams to boost up the players of their respective teams. There are fifteen players on the whole in each of the team. Although the game is mainly of strategy, relying on intelligence, but it also requires luck to a great extent. As far the rules of this board game are concerned; it is almost similar like the field game of rugby. The situations, moves, tricks every thing are quite similar and at the same time here also the perfect moves make points and wrong moves lead to punishment. One satisfactory fact about the game is that both the amateurs and professionals experience the same thrill for this game. This is such an enjoyable sport that can be given the status of a family game and can be enjoyed by both novice and the rugby specialists.

There are certain factors that altogether make Crash Tackle a unique game to enjoy. These factors are mainly controlling the players and the game, and the involvement of both the coach and the players to meet their goals. This particular game is unlike other board games as the nature of this board game differs from others. In this game, the scope for the imagination of characters is less as the coach has the whole discretion to act upon each of his players. This is the reason why this game is so realistic. To play the game, gamers have to be cautious and careful about every move of the players of the opponent team, in order defeat them and score points.

Marketers usually hold that the game is suitable for children above the age of twelve, as this game requires substantial strategy. Generally, duration of each game is around eighty minutes, just as long as a real rugby match is played on field. The maximum enjoyment out of this depends on the perfect apprehension of the pros and cons of the game. Once the player has understood these basics properly, then playing the game with great delight will not be much difficult.
May 13, 2008, 7:16 pm

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