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Sevens- The Card Game

The game of Sevens is one of the most popular card games of all times. A simple game to play, three to seven players can enjoy this game. The game is also known as ‘Laying out sevens’. The goal is to be the first player who lays down all the cards in suit from seven to ace, or eight to king; this suit system is followed in many solitaire games. The game begins with each player being dealt seven cards. Game proceeds clockwise, with each player playing their turn or passing. If the number of players is not even, the cards distributed will not be equal. To make this equal the extra number of cards can be placed face up in the center, utilised later by any player wishing to use that card.

On each turn, no card can be played on a seven until the eight is also played, but a seven can be played any time. If the seven and the eight is played, the next card has to follow suit, that is, be a six or nine. If a player does not have this card, s/he passes, but if they hold the card they have to play. Players may use tactics to get change the direction of the game, or better their own game.

Both children as well as adults can enjoy this game, as it is easy to play but interesting as well if game tactics are used properly. One of the tactical moves a player can make is to hold back a card that is highest or lowest of a particular suit, forcing other players to play cards in the blocking player’s suit of choice. This can be achieved because the players with higher or lower cards than what the person blocking the game has will not be able to play any other card in between.

Sevens can be played in one round, where the first person out is the winner. However, multiple rounds of play is also acceptable, where the lowest scoring player is the winner. The scoring system can be selected according to choice, either counting one point each for the remaining cards at the end of the game or counting the value on the remaining cards. Queen and Kings count 10 in this system. This counting system affects the game play, as more players would try to get rid of high value cards or force their opponents to retain high scoring cards.

This game’s popularity has spread all across the world. Also called the Fan Tan, or Parliament, the game of Sevens has won the hearts of both the old and the young. The French game of Domino is a similar version of the game, but has certain differences in the game play. For example, the player on the left of the dealer gets to lead a card of any rank, and the next players may then play the same suit or start a new one with a same ranking card; these are some of the differences. In which ever manner this game is played, it is always enjoyable.
May 6, 2008, 9:00 am

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