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Games have been one major source of entertainment since the dawn of civilization. As time passed, games have also undergone sea changes in terms of themes, styles, number of players required, etc. In fact, the medium of playing games have changed drastically with time. Earlier if a game was played with sticks and stones, it became a board game. If it was a board game, it was televised. Now most games can be played on the platform of the internet, as live multiplayer games.

With the emergence of television in the 50s, the popularity of televised game shows began escalating rapidly. A large section of people enjoyed these game shows. The game show became even more attractive when the spectators of the game show could also participate in the same games.

Among those game shows that became tremendously popular and successful, was the game of Blankety Blank. This was a well established TV game show that originated in Britain and was based on an American game show Match Game. This well watched television show ran for eleven years from 1979 January to 1990 March with 218 episodes altogether. The game show was used to be telecasted on the BBC. It was a quite entertaining show of that era and was hosted by Terry Wogan and Les Dawson. It came back in a new form during the late 1990s. This time the show was hoisted by Lily Savage. Again, just as the last time the show was featured by BBC, but during the years 1997 to 1999. It was in the year 2001when the show migrated to ITV.

The game of Blankety Blank is quite interesting. This game is generally contested by two participants. Interestingly, the contestants of the game had to select one man and a woman or otherwise two women. A strict restriction of the game was that by no means two men could contest in this game head to head. The basic objective of the game was that the contestants had to match the answers of as many of the six celebrity panelists. These statements answers were generally left blank by those celebrity panelists and that to be filled in by the contestants of the game. There were two main rounds for each game. The contestant who was about to answer the questions were given options of two separate levels of ‘A’ and ‘B’. After making his or her choice, the anchor of the show was used to read the statement for Blankety Blank the contestant.

So far the pattern of the game is concerned; it is a pretty entertaining game involving peculiar questions with peculiar answers. Contestants often had to give the nearest or accurate correct answers to match the answers of the celebrities given in the index cards. For each correct answer, the contestant used to get one point each. The second round or the super match round of the game required the contestants to choose answers from the spectators’ gallery. Many of the viewers and critics have rated this game show rated the show to be an ordinary one and at the same time some of them have called it a mass entertainment.
May 13, 2008, 7:24 pm

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