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Tantrix is a strategy game played with hexagonal tiles, invented by Mike McManaway, a New Zealander. Tantrix is similar to Trax, both requiring a strategic arrangement of tiles such that players make an uninterrupted loop or line of tiles of their color. The Bakelite tiles in Tantrix contain three lines across the edges of the tile. There are 56 tiles in the game numbered from one to fifty six, with no two tiles being identical. The colors distinguishing players in the game include red, blue, green, and yellow. This game can be played by a solo player; up to four players can also play the game. When two or more players are playing this game, colors are chosen to represent each player. Tiles are drawn from the bag and the player with the highest number plays first.

Players have to take out six tiles each, each turn. After playing one tile a player has to take a replacement tile from the bag. The first player plays a tile according to the color next to the tile; tiles have to match the adjoining edge colors. The turns pass clockwise, so the player on the left of the first player plays next. If three tiles surround a space that is empty so that it is only half covered, it is called a forced space. In the next turn a player must play a tile that matches that space, if the player has such a tile, the player has no other option. The tiles are placed strategically, so that other players have to make forced moves. When a player has a free move, that is, laying down a tile on a new board area, the tile can be placed such that forced spaces are filled by the successive players. Players cannot create a forced space with three tiles with the same color scheme. A forced space with four sides, or playing along an edge that creates a four sided four space when the spaces are filled, is not allowed. The objective of the game is to create the longest line of tiles or loop of tiles in your color. Every tile in a line is counted as one point and in a loop as two points. The player with the highest scoring loop or line is the winner.

Today Tantrix can be played online, both as a solo game against computer programs, or as an online multiplayer game, where players around the world play with each other. Online Tantrix games are played online through Java client applet systems. It has gained a lot of popularity with the online gaming community, with many Tantrix global competitions being declared a huge success. Such tournaments attract serious players as well as those playing the game for fun. The first Tantrix tournament was played in 1998, which was dubbed the Tantrix World Championship. Since then there have been many structured tournaments taken part by online players from around the world. Annual tournaments are held in Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden.
May 13, 2008, 7:09 pm

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