The negative effects of television
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The negative effects of television

How often do we see school and college going kids just throwing their bags doen when they come at home and getting glued to the television? This is a normal scene that takes place in every household. In fact, even adults are getting addicted to television as a result of which there is no time for a family union at the dinner table, etc. Research shows that the addiction to television is very similar to addiction to drugs. Many people simply cannot do without and they require a four to five hour “Television dose” everyday.

Although there are several good programs on television, most of the channels contain a lot of vulgarity and violence. Continuous viewing of such programs is not at all recommendable for children. This is because children get influenced by such programs and fall in the viscous trap of getting violent themselves. After watching adult movies and programs, the children may just think about sex all day. The children may also become aggressive and lose their temper easily. Many of the things that relate to children may be experienced by adults as well. For example, when people see their favorite heroes blowing smoke in the air, they would like to do the same to build that “Macho image”. You may not be surprised to see that children who are about ten years old taking to cigarettes and also bullying smaller children.

To add to the woes of watching television, people don’t even spend quality time with other members in the family. You may observe that the television is blaring in all rooms and everyone is busy watching it. The addiction for television is so strong that even when people want to watch it for just ten minutes they end up watching it for a full hour at least. Many people have given up good habits like going out for exercise or even reading books for their addiction of television. Television has become the only source of entertainment for many people. All that people do today is get glued to their television set and watch it for hours on end.

There are some more and specific negative effects of television these days because of the latest technologies. Nowadays any one can play casino or poker games straight from their TV without going anywhere. Playing games with online casino would be an option but it's much easy to play it from your TV without you having to have any other equipments like computer or Internet connection.

The sad part of watching television is that it makes children as well as adults passive, though the effect is seen more in children. Children who watch a lot of television do not like to mingle or interact with other people. The only world that they know is the television world and hence they don’t like to be socially active. They put on weight quickly as they don’t play sports or exercise. Children as well as adults tend to eat whenever they are watching television. Hence we see there should be a fixed time for children to watch television. Also children should be allowed to view programs that are informative and watchable by them. A constant check has to be kept by the parents on their children for their TV watching habits. Many times both the parents are working as a result of which children are able to watch TV for several hours without their parents knowing about their addiction.
March 11, 2008, 1:58 pm

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