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Daldos running-fight board game

The word “game” reminds us a major form of entertainment and fun. There are innumerous games all over the earth and they are incredibly different in nature. Some of them require patience and other require courage. Whatever their nature may be, all of them generate great fun and energy and are pure source of recreation. If we count the status of games today, they are highly professional and have also become the means of earning for many people irrespective of caste and creed. Among those manifold games existing all around the world, board games are one pattern that are scattered all over but are interestingly different from one country to another. The natures of the board games differ depending upon the countries, but there is also one commonality among them all; they are all fun based and contain a story centering which the game progresses.

Daldos board game is among those highly popular board games that are played by a large section of people all around the world. This exciting game originated from the coastal areas of Scandinavia long back in early nineteenth centuries. When we talk about this game, we find that it is slightly uncommon than the other board games. The structure of the board and the dice is strikingly different. The dice is a rolling-pin style for-sided dice. It is also popularly known as barrel dice or stick. Alike the differential name of the dice, the names of the game are various at the same time. This is to mean that this particular game has got different names at different places.

Contents of Daldos are quite unique. It mainly contains a board that is shaped like a boat. It has three parallel rows of holes. Two of these rows have sixteen holes each and the rest one, which is the middle one, has one more hole at the prow of the ship. Alike the sixteen holes, each of the players have to play the game with sixteen spatula-shaped pieces having bottom ends fitting into the holes. For playing the game, players use special dice. They generally have pyramidal or rounded ends with a four-sided rolling pin. Although every game has winning and losing as parts of game but this game is a bit different. The main object of this game is to remove all enemy pieces from the board. An enemy piece is removed when the enemy piece reaches the same location. If the enemy pieces make jump, then they can not be removed by the opponent player. However, players can not jump the friendly pieces.

The strategy of Daldos lies in removing the enemies faster. The pieces have to reach the prow as soon as the player can take it to the same prow. The players accordingly have to be very conscious while making every step. As a wrong step can make it easier for the opponent to make a convenient step and to win thereby, a perfect step can make the player a winner. Therefore, if you learn the game properly, the game can become a great fun for you and your opponent.
June 2, 2008, 11:54 am

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