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The official name of the Outrage board game is Town of London board game. It was created by Imperial Games in 1992. The official name is like so because in this game, the players move about the board, which appears like the Tower of London, and they attempt to steal the British Crown Jewels. In reality, an attempt was made to steal away the crown, but it was failed. The game challenges the players to succeed where they actually failed.

This game can be played in two versions, short and long. In the former way, the first player to escape successfully with any one of the jewels wins. However, in the latter, the player, who has the greatest value of the crown jewels, after they have been all stolen, is the winner. The player, who has St. Edward’s Crown, wins during the tie.

In the preliminary stage, all the cards are carefully shuffled. Six tower cards are given to each player, and one coin for each player is placed on Devereaux Tower. Then the crowns and Yeomen Warder are placed as indicated on the board. Each flag indicates the placement of each player in the Queen’s House.

At the ‘start’ square, the players begin, and move forward along the path, and without deviating, to the Queen’s House. To be accredited at the Queen’s House, the player must either roll an odd sum or surrender a Tower Pass. The accreditation is usually donated through a flag inserted into the playing piece, and it enables a player to move in any direction as they choose.

The most exciting part of the game is during the stealing of the crown. In order to steal a crown jewel, the player must have to reach the White Tower and land on a square, which corresponds to a crown jewel. He must possess at least any one tool for burglary. The player reveals his tools without any duplication. On the following turn, the sum of the value of the tools will be deducted from twelve, and the player has to attempt to roll a sum equal to or more than the difference. It will continue to roll on turns following if he is not initially successful. In this game, more than one player can attempt to steal the crown jewel at any point of time.

After it is stolen, the player can exit the House and then return for another attempt. The players can attempt for as many times as possible, and no matter how many jewels they have. The player, who is having jewels, cannot pass a Yeoman Warder unless he shows a disguise card. If the Warder is not at the post then the player can easily enter into the House. Once a player has escaped to the Ferry, all the jewels are secured for the remainder of the game; and that player returns to the start. His tower cards and the coins are returned, and his is given six new Tower Cards.

The game is very interesting once you get to know the different rules of the game.
June 2, 2008, 11:52 am

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