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Liubo or liupo board game

Board games have gathered immense popularity these days. Although the concept of board game started near about 1000 years ago, it is still able to hold the same popularity and, on top of it, even increase that popularity. Nowadays, new generations are taking huge interest to play the board game. Have you ever heard the name Liubo or liupo board game? If not, this article will help you to acquire adequate information on this specific game along with the playing procedure, so that, while playing the game, you cannot face any kind of difficulties.

Actually, Liubo or liupo board game is very old Chinese game. At that time, it was not much popular. However, after playing the game players have realized that it is a game of intellect and it is extremely interesting. To play the game you have to take a dice. However, according to few players, this is not at all dice game. It is similar to card game. To play this game, you have to take two types of stones, which are the most important apparatus of the play. You have to take 6 black stones and 6 white stones, which is made by bronze, ivory, jade, and bone. Apart from that, six split of bamboo sticks are also needed to play the game. While you and your friends or family members are playing the game, it is must to place these sticks properly. You cannot throw the sticks. Otherwise, you will be out of the game.

This game is popular between both mortals and immortals. The Liubo or liupo board is marked with the divination symbols, you would get to see 4 types of animal symbols including the Vermilion Bird, located in the Southern side of the board, the White Tiger, located in West side of the game board, the Tortoise, and the Green Dragon, situated in the East side of the game board. You would get to see a snake coiled in the board, which is known by the name ‘Dark Warrior’.

The format of Liubo or liupo board game is changing day by day. Earlier, bamboo stick played an important role to play the game. Nowadays, some scholars are trying to change the play process. They want to discard the usage of bamboo sticks so that this particular game can be more interesting and easy to play. In china, Liubo or liupo board game is known by several names including stones, fish, pawns, owls, and so on and so forth. One of the world famous game professional Mr. Lien-Sheng Yang have attempted to change the entire game so that it can be more popular in the world. He thought that, players might not get comfortable playing with the bamboo sticks. Therefore, it is better to play this game with TLV mirrors so that huge number of players takes extra interest to try this specific game. Due to several reasons, he was unable to change the format of the game. We have tried to provide detail on Liubo or liupo board game.
June 2, 2008, 11:53 am

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