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The Varieties of Poker

There are many different variations of the poker game, following different rules to define its stakes and deals to players. The main variants of poker include Draw poker (5 card draw), Stud poker (5 card or 7 card studs), and Holdem card or the community poker games (Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem). The Draw poker games such as the Five Card Draw deal out five cards to each of the player, with a number of cards drawn or replaced from the deck later on. The best hand with the five cards after the draw stands the chance of winning the game. The Five Card stud games require each player to have exactly five cards each, with which they must make their calls. The Holdem card poker games include Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem, Pineapple, Omaha Holdem High Low, and Crazy Pineapple.

The Five Card Draw poker game, one of the most popular draw games, begins with the dealing of five cards to each player. The five cards are used in the first round of the game, with the remaining undealt cards forming the deck. Betting occurs when players began to raising their stakes depending on their card rankings. Cards are discarded or replaced if players want to exchange them in the draw round. The deck is re-dealt, with each player dealt the same number of cards discarded earlier. The round after the draw is the showdown round, where the best hand wins the pot.

The Seven Card stud is one of the most popular stud games, and has had a long-standing domination in the poker arenas before the Texas Holdem began to supplant the popularity of other variations. With two to eight players playing the game, two cards are dealt down, four up, and one down, in successive deals. The game begins when the player with the lowest ranking up card pays the bring-in. The first betting round proceeds after this, after which an up-card is dealt to each player, followed by a second betting round, where the player with the best upcards make the best hand. The subsequent rounds see the player whose face up cards is the best acting first and calling the stakes. The Showdown round requires each player to display the best five card hand out of the seven cards received so far. The best ranking hand wins the pot.

Texas Holdem poker has gained enormous popularity around the world in the recent years, and this poker variation is played in high stake international competitions as well. Holdem is a community poker game, with each player having the option of using their own two hole cards, or uses a combination of five community cards laid out. The Holdem versions differ from the other poker variants, in the fact that players do not hold only individual hands that others cannot/can see. The winning hand is the combination of individual cards as well as community cards in this game. On the showdown, a player has to make the best five-card combination that can be made from the seven cards, two of which are the hole cards and five community cards.
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