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Formula D´e Board game

Board games are extremely popular in different parts of the earth. People have enjoyed different games throughout the ages. While talking about the modern board games, it must be mentioned that the nature of these modern board games are strikingly different than the previous ones played in ancient times. Board games have always been a source of entertainment; today the same holds true as well. There were board games that could be played just as any outdoor game, and they were often played on the streets. Board games became a café culture; people spent their leisure hours contemplating their next moves in their favorite games. Today of course games as forms of entertainment have evolved to online games, multiplayer video games, etc. However, in spite of these modern game options, people come back to the old board games, because they have an endearing quality about them.

Among the many fun board games involving speed, Formula D´e is one of the original race games of Europe. It is extremely enjoyable, as the numbers of players range between two to ten in this board game. As the game involves patience and the presence of mind, so children above the age of twelve are better suited to play it. It takes some time around ten minutes to set the game. The whole games take two hours to wind up. The game is designed on the formula racing and this is the reason it involves speed and thrill; more so than any other type of board game.

As the name suggests, the main objective of Formula D´e is to reach the finish line first. The game is inspired from professional formula 1 racing. The general emphasis is on high speed motorsports action. Naturally, each of the participants tries their hardest to win the game by reaching the finishing point as soon as they can. The thrill lies in beating the opponent racers. This game contains seven dice to stimulate specific gears. The Formula D´e dice represent gear shifts, so when the die is rolled, the players can move the number of squares thrown on the die. Each of the players is given a race sheet for their cars. They have to choose the gear of their car, and move ahead accordingly. The performance of the player depends on the selection of the gears as their choice determines their fate in the game.

While talking about this genre of formula one racing game, we have to discuss several different tracks used in them. For example, there are mini race circuits, ludodelire and others that are different types featured in this game. Players have to employ the correct strategies to speed ahead of their opponent. As speed is one vitally important parameter, players have to be careful about each of their moves, selection of gears and equipment is very important to run around the different chicanes of the tracks; a bad choice can slow you down. A wrong strategy can take away an advantageous position; a correct strategy can give a player substantial advantage.
June 2, 2008, 11:46 am

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