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Board game is one of the popular games to have found human beings being addicted to them. Acquire is one of the most popular board games, published in the year of 1962. You will have a lot of fun while playing the acquire game; this is suitable for the whole family. Have you ever seen the acquire game board? It is rectangular shaped with nine rows of A to I and twelve columns of 1 to 12. Each of 108 places on the game board actually holds one surface.

Each tile includes individual locations such as 1H or 7A, which is printed on one side. There is only spot where players can place these tiles. Each tile symbolizes a hotel as and adjacent tiles signify hotel chains. You would get to see seven types of hotel chains including three indicating medium cost chains, two indicating relatively expensive chains, and the last two indicating relatively cheap chains. To play the game, it is best enjoyed by 2 to 6 players. However, any Standard tournaments are played by four players. For two players to play this game, special rules are applied in certain areas of the game.

One player must take one tile. They have to quickly pick the tile and place it to other location. The objective of the game is to reach a particular destination chosen for the game, before your opponents do. If you are the first player to reach that particular location, you will be the winner. Apart from that, a player has to be selected, before the game begins, who will take care of stock transaction and all the money of the bank and players. You can start this game with minimum $6000 cash amount and you can pick six tiles at a time for the starting racks. On every turn, you as a player, have to play only one tile, draw only one tile as well. Placing the tiles in appropriate positions will create a favorable game for you. Players may also try to block the other players’ moves in such a manner that they are not allowed to make their chains quickly.

Whenever you vertically or horizontally places your tile, players have the option of starting a latest hotel chain, except all the seven hotel chains that are already used in the game, in that case you will not be able to play with the tiles since the tiles are cannot be placed on top of these chains. Players can also choose other tiles, which are not part of the play and can accept one stock in the existing chain. Make sure, another stock is unavailable in the stock market, before you buy the same for a particular hotel chain. However, in case there is a free stock, do not accept it; this may lead to problems during play. Players declare their turns for acquire are over after they finish the same. Although it is possible while all the hotel chains are completely safe or one chain is reached minimum 41 tiles. Acquire requires skill and strategic thought, especially when trying to figure out your opponent’s next move.
June 2, 2008, 11:49 am

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