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(We deleted Amazon affiliate links from here, thanks for understanding.) Word games are such good value. Not only do they provide excellent family entertainment but also are valuable educational tools. Word smithery is something that must be learned, and what better way to do it than a board game.

It's still hard to get a triple word score, the tiles are still made of wood, there's only one "X" in the whole box, and family feuds are increasing exponentially. But after 50 years, Scrabble has had a face-lift: a swivel base allows the board to turn so players don't have to work upside down, a plastic grid helps keep tiles in line, and a handy bag stores the letters when they're not in use.

Pictionary is the classic party game that plays like charades, only on paper. Instead of acting, you sketch clues to your teammates. But you don't have to be an artist to play. All that's needed is a little imagination and a fast pencil. This updated version contains the best words from previous Pictionary editions plus over 1,000 fun new words and expressions!

Think you can come up with a girl's name containing the letters "Q" and "Y" in 60 seconds? Or a food or drink using "H" and "J"? There will truly be times when Wordplay for Kids will be anything but child's play. Designed for players 6 to 12 years, this combo of word building and racing to the finish line invites youngsters to come up with the longest word they can.

Scrabble Original
A complete refresh of the classic word game. Every element, inside and out has been redesigned to improve the experience of playing the game where EVERY WORD COUNTS!

'Remember the..... ' can you get the word? Articulate is a personal favourite. The fast talking description game that includes 500 cards and 3000 entries.

LeapFrog Baby's First Words
This is one of six Little Touch books. Interactive games and music will delight your little one in this bilingual "talking" word book! Introduces English first words, Spanish first words, and speech patterns.
April 5, 2010, 3:58 pm

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