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(We deleted Amazon affiliate links from here, thanks for understanding.)When a board game has been around for such a long time you know it is a winner. Monopoly continues to be one of the most popular games because of it's user-friendliness, it's family appeal, and it's ability to tap into everyone's entrepreneurial spirit. Monopoly has changed from a board game based on a London layout to a wide variety of alternative layouts. Find a few of them below.

Monopoly Deluxe
Deluxe Version of Monopoly, which includes wooden dice, houses and hotels, new money and cardholder and pewter movers.

Monopoly New Edition (PC)
Moving with the times this electronic version of the classic family board game can be played on your PC, and over the internet, with a selection of layouts.

Travel Monopoly
Take this travel version of the favourite family board game with you anywhere.

Inflatable Monopoly
Talk about novelty! An inflatable version of this classic board game. The traditional layout.

Monopoly 70th Seventieth Anniversary Edition
This Luxurious edition captures the glamour and distinctive art style of the 30's with beautiful chrome-plated tokens, uniquely styled houses and hotels, and an elegant, foil-wrapped gameboard. Be part of the tradition and play like the millionaire you dream to be!

Monopoly 3
This PC edition includes special board game token. Choose from 10 major city game boards or the classic Monopoly version. Advanced 3D graphics, animated tokens & computer game voices. Play against others with 6-person multiplayer over the Internet. Compatible with XP.

Make Your Own Opoly
Contains everything you need to make your very own board game, although you will need a PC with colour printer. You could make it your own family game trading rooms in your house or in your own town or village.
April 29, 2008, 9:29 am

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