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(We deleted Amazon affiliate links from here, thanks for understanding.) As far as board games go the chance to complete a jigsaw is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It requires a low degree of sustained concentration that induces an almost medatative state during which worries and concerns slip away. To be able to spend a few minutes each day adding one or two more pieces is a thoroughly worth while stress buster. Here's a few you might like to consider.

150 Piece Scrambled States of America Puzzle and Book Set
150 pc jigsaw puzzle. read the book, then do the puzzle! This special set contains a paperback version of Laurie Kellers The Scrambled States of America along with a 150 pc jig saw puzzle featuring brand new art never before seen in the book! A bonus, find 10 state - shaped pieces secretly hidden in the puzzle.

Buffalo Games All About The Simpsons 1026 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
This television series will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most popular shows ever animated or not. This item is certain to be in demand by fans and collectors alike.

Visual Echo 3D Effect Celebration 500pc Puzzle
Celebration American Eagle" is a Visual Echo 500 Piece Puzzle. Colorful lenticular images that create extreme 3D effects! As your point of view changes, the image changes, to create the illusion of movement.

Map of the World 600 Piece Puzzle
600 piece jigsaw puzzle of a map of the world. Interesting and educational.

Ravensburger Puzzle 3,000 Pieces Oceanic Wonders
There are many jigsaws available but few to match the beauty of this image of life under the sea.

Simpson's "The Cast" Jigsaw 550pc
This jigsaw is a lot of fun. Find all the cast of The Simpson's shoulder to shoulder in a single picture.

Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Puzzles (2 x 500 Piece Jigsaws)
Taken from the hilarious smash hit film this jigsaw is perfect for any fan of Wallace and Gromit.

Ravensburger Puzzleball 240 Pieces Illustrated World Map
This 3-D jigsaw offers an intriguing puzzle as well as a valuable educational experience.
April 30, 2008, 8:52 am

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