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(We deleted Amazon affiliate links from here, thanks for understanding.) Strategy games are probably the oldest and most widespread form of entertainment known to humankind. Strategy games are also sometimes referred to as "role-playing" games, because the games often require to assume a new persona and slip into another person's skin, if only for the time it takes to play the game.

GAMES Magazine Best Family Strategy Game. Each player is the director of an expedition intent on exploring Tikal in search of the secret paths that lead to the temples and precious treasures that have remained hidden for over 1000 years.

MENSA Award Winning Strategy Game Two Players Ages 8 and Up. There are 16 different pieces with 4 different characteristics: tall or short, round or square, light or dark, and solid or hollow. Each player in turn selects one piece and gives it to his opponent, who must place it on an empty square on the board. The winner is the player who, by positioning a piece, creates a line of 4 pieces having at least one characteristic in common.

The Great Pacific War
Great Pacific War is a game of the War in the Pacific. The game covers the entire war from December 1941 through 1946 and includes the forces of all participants. Players are placed in the positions of the commanders of the Japanese, British, Soviet and American forces in World War Two.
February 19, 2009, 1:21 pm

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