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Traditional European Board Games

Board games originating in Europe have an interesting history. There have been debates as to what century and country these games belonged to, as many of the games were European versions of foreign board games, which were brought to the shores by merchants and explorers. Numerous games such as the Prince of Florence, caylus, diplomacy, Ei grande, la citta, mystery of the Abbey, The Merchants of Amsterdam Carcassonne, were played by the ancient Europeans aristocrats and members of the leisure class. Later on however, their popularity spread to the taverns and the public houses frequented by the masses.

Ei Grande is a popular European board game. This game would proceed by players taking counters and cards by which they would be able to secure huge amount of power over their opponent. The individual counters that a player had were representative of position, money, etc.

Carcassonne consider as another favorite game of board game players. It is one of the most interesting games to be played in Medieval France. Do you know why this name is known as Carcassonne? Well, actually there is a city known as Carcassonne. The city holds a historical value in the fight against several foreign invasions. Each time this city held its own, and defended itself against the Romans, and others. The game followed this attack and defend theme, so it was called by the name Carcassonne.

The Prince of Florence is considered one of the most riveting traditional board games of Europe. There is a difference between other board games and prince of Florence. You do not need to construct walls and fight over regions, as the norm with many other games. Players in this game compete for best subjects, and the more skilled subjects you can gather, the better you stand the chance of winning the game. For instance, artists, professionals, etc were supposed to be the best bets. Akaba is another traditional European board game. This game achieved immense popularity in many European countries. It is family game. You can enjoy the modern version of this game thoroughly with your family and friends. The set up of a modern version of this board game is almost like outdated Arabian bazaar. The playing pieces are constructed out of lightweight foam. These pieces are called by the name “flying carpet”.durining the playtime, you have to use “bellows” to blow your pieces around this game board.

Liberte is one of the popular traditional board games. This game came to be discovered in France, and then it spread among all the European countries. Later, this game became popular all over the world. Diplomacy is a classic board game of skill and strategy. The traditional version of this game included a colorful board. This game is all about defeating your enemies, through strategy. Traditional European Board Games are exciting, if you love war games based on strategy and luck. Rules governing these games are not quite difficult to master, but planning out your game requires skill and ability to trick your opponent.
May 6, 2008, 8:11 am

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