What Makes a Good Board Game?
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What Makes a Good Board Game?

Games and sports have been one of the major mediums of entertainment and recreation since the dawn of civilization. There are different types of games allover the world and at the same time all of them are highly interesting and entertaining. Games are adorned allover the planet and what differs actually is the nature and types of the games. For example, apart from those commonly known and heard games, there are board games that have been much in the tradition since the tradition of games themselves. Diverse board games are available allover earth. Some of them have been admired greatly and some of them have failed to achieve sustainable popularity in course of time. For being popular, a board game must fulfill certain qualities. All these features in fact, make a board game successful before the players.

For being sufficiently interesting, board games have to be full of unlimited and continuous challenges. A game where there is challenge in every move and a game that is full of excitements are more welcomed by this game. However, short clearly-set goals can work well for this and at the same time it has to be sufficiently interactive too for being entertaining to all kinds of players. In case of the board games, it has been seen most of the times that they are based on stories. The nature and enjoyment from the game depends upon the type of the story that has been largely adorned by the gamers of board games. Accordingly, the story lines are of worth importance. The type of story highly sets the mood of the game. The players become highly engaged with the game and enjoy every moment of this without fail. A story that is adventurous and entertaining, receives more attraction and response from the players. Next important thing for an entertaining board game is its flexibility. Board games having more than one ways to achieve goal are more attractive for the players in this field. Here, change of strategy should be entertained and permissible thereby for making the game more flexible in nature.

While talking about the important things that are indispensable for making a game popular, immediate and useful rewards fall into one essential category. As the game strategy is largely based on the theory of fun and entertainment, it is expected that the gamers will get immediate rewards except the points only. If they are awarded with certain new interesting rewards, that will boost up energy within them. Apart from this, rewards for each of their victories will bestow confidence within them and also will help grow habit of board games within them. Next, combining fun and realism is also important for making this board game a perfect one. For example, excessive realism can be a boring experience for them and at the same a board game full of fanciful imaginations can appear as childish to them. This is the reason, why the game should maintain an equal balance between realism and imagination. A board game, having all these features together can get the status of a perfect board game popular among the widest range of players present allover the world.
May 19, 2008, 7:43 pm

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