The History and Development of Gambling Games
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The History and Development of Gambling Games

Gambling and casino games are not modern inventions and the history of gambling dates back to many centuries. The exact trace of the documents that would prove the remnants of gambling or any other such games are not found. So the theories of gambling origins are mainly conjectural. Gambling games were played by our ancestors with gusto, whether they belonged to the East or the West. Its roots are present, deep rooted in the mud of the history of our civilization. Archaeological events and well-proven speculation by historians have stated that our predecessors carried out the extensive gambling events. It is an interesting to learn that almost all civilizations around the world have evidences of the gambling game; existing within every community and society.

Our forefathers were experts in playing different types of gambling games including luck games that were based on dices and cards. It has been found that the obsession of gambling games in connection to gamblers in society have lead many a respectable person to a wastage of wealth and property through the practice of gambling acts. They had even risked their lives and valuables for the enjoyment of playing gambling games. It was played by every type of person irrespective of their status in the society. In the epics and legends of many countries there are also stories about playing gamble and there are stories that said that were characters have even betted their near and dear ones and sometimes themselves on the board of gamble. They have even lost themselves and summoned very large wars and there are stories of disasters in relation to the game of gamble.

Evidence related to such games has suggested that the rich people had sacrificed huge amount of wealth while the poor people have played with comparatively lower stakes. The main aim behind the intension of playing gamble is easy riches at one shot. Many people take it as a way to get easy and fast monetary gains without much physical and mental toil. This basic notion prevails with gamblers all over the world in all the gambling centers. Besides making an individual rich overnight, gambling also served as one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

In the excavated remains of the 14th century, there were dices and other objects that signify the game of gambling to be same as that of present times. The rules of gambling were same as that of the gambling practices in the earliest times and the elements of the game were somewhat same. Countries like India, Egypt, China and Rome were the originators of the game of gambling and these are the places where gambling was played more extensively. There are many places where gambling was banned by many rulers and kings. There are many governments who were against the game of gambling, nevertheless when it was found that it is a popular game and a good way of entertainment for the people, the ban on such games was withdrawn. They have now legalized gambling and that led to the upcoming of the modern day casinos and other forms of gambling games.
May 13, 2008, 7:15 pm

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